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Scholarships are FREE money that does not have to be repaid. Most scholarships are awarded for athletic and academic achievements. But there are many scholarships for artistic, affiliation, and other achievements or associations.

So complete a thorough search with an extensive database that targets all kinds of scholarship aid. Scholarships can go fast. So start your search early.

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— Types of Scholarships —

College Scholarships
College and Universities often award scholarships based on academic merit, athletic achievement, artistic talent, and in some cases, fellowship programs where you will be paid for performing some academic work.

Service Scholarships
Scholarships for education in exchange for service following graduation. The most common form of service scholarships include military service, ROTC programs, and community service commitments.

Private Scholarships
There are literally thousands of private scholarships that are awarded each year based on some achievement. These scholarships generally don't cover the full cost of college, but every bit helps.

Community Organizations
Many communities offer scholarship money to a local student who demonstrates academic potential. Check with your community for ideas.

Religious Organizations
Meet with local churches, temples, mosques or other religious organizations about scholarships. Many religious scholarships are not based on your faith affiliation. So don't be shy contacting religious institutions that are not of your faith.

Ethnic, Historical Or Racial Organizations
If you belong to an organization that considers your ethnic background, you have a good chance to be awarded some form of scholarship. Again, the amounts may not be much, but it can help reduce your total college costs.

Your parent's place of work often have scholarship opportunities for students. Many corporations offer programs to help employees' children defray the cost of a college education.




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