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Privacy Policy

SayStart.Com Network of College Financing Web Sites
Respects Your Right to Privacy

updated: May 2009

Our Internet Privacy Policy provides information regarding how we collect, use, and disclose personal information provided to us when you visit us online at and our affiliated web sites within the network.

Items you would like to know about our privacy policy governing our Internet sites:

How We Collect Information

We use various tools in order to service your needs while visiting our web sites at and our affiliated college financing web sites. We use these tools to process your requests, improve our web site offerings and navigation, respond to questions, and personalize your online services. Some of the tools that we may use include:

Web Site Tracking Software
Our web servers utilize a tracking software to capture your domain name address (the address of your Internet service provider, not your email address) for purposes of tracking web site statistics. Note that we only collect information about you when you voluntarily provide that information through an application, request form, or some other sponsored web site activity. The capture of your domain name is a common practice among all web sites for measuring the number of hits, pages visited, and length of user session. We use this information to measure the effectiveness of our web site offerings in order to service you better.

A Cookie is a bit of text code that we develop and store on your computer's hard drive. It helps us to identify your computer when you visit us again. An example of an assigned Cookie is when you register for a contest or other web site activity. After you register with our web site for the first time, we assign a Cookie to your computer's hard drive so that upon returning to our web site, we identify you as a registered user and link you directly to the page for registered users. The Cookie prevents you from having to reregister each time you visit our web site.

The Cookie is uniquely yours, and it can only be read by the web site that issued the Cookie. The Cookies are used to collect information from your computer. Some Cookies we may use are temporary, meaning that they expire once you close your browser. Some Cookies we may issue remain on your computer's hard drive so that when you return to our web site, we can identify your computer as a previous user and customize your unique web experience.

You can delete the Cookies from your computer's hard drive if you wish. If you delete our cookie from your computer's hard drive, however, and then visit our web site again, you will be treated as a first-time visitor since we will not be able to identify your computer.

Online Application Forms
You can apply for college financing through an application form maintained by TERI.ORG. This application form will require personal information that will be used to review, approve and fund your college financing request. Our online application form is secured behind state-of-the-art technology that protects all information that you submit to TERI.ORG. The protection of your submitted information is governed by the Privacy Policy of TERI.ORG. View TERI.ORG privacy policy.

At no time are we at and our affiliated web sites within college financing network given access to your submitted information. We do not nor will we be given permission to view personal information that has been submitted. All information is the property of TERI.ORG and will be protected under their privacy policy.

Email Address
You may supply us your email address that authorizes us to:

  • contact you either by phone and/or by email
  • provide information during the interview process on steps to complete your qualification request form
  • inform you about new product services and product enhancements that may be of interest to you
  • update you on all other information that may require your attention

Email addresses or other contact information will not be sold to or used by third-party marketing organizations.

Online Registrations for Scholarships, Contests, and Other Online Activities may sponsor web site activities that require registration in order to participate in our online activity. The most common use for registrations is for scholarships, contests, and other online activities.

All scholarships, contests, and other online activities are strictly voluntary and are not required to visit other areas of our site or to enter into a transaction with Information that we collect during registration may include your name, address, date of birth, gender, e-mail address, telephone number, name of school, and other information. It is up to you to decide whether to participate in these activities and provide the required information.

At times we may sponsor online surveys or other data profile collections to measure our performance or product offerings. All surveys are strictly voluntary and are not required to visit or use other areas of our site or to enter into a transaction with

Some of our online surveys may be marketing oriented surveys, collecting information about your likes, dislikes, purchasing habits, and web site activities. This information helps us deliver content and activities that are customized and relevant to your preferences.

Other Activities
At times, we may make chat rooms, forums, message boards, and/or news groups available to our web site visitors. Again, your participation in these activities are strictly voluntary. You may choose to provide information to participate in these activities. Please be aware that any information that you disclose in these areas becomes public information, so you should exercise caution in disclosing personal information.

Information from Minors
We understand that the use of minors of the Internet cannot be controlled by us. Minors may visit our site and attempt to enter into a transaction by submitting information or participating in some online activity. We understand that children have unique privacy needs. Therefore, we will not knowingly collect without verifiable parental consent any information from children we know to be under 18 years of age, nor will we send them any direct e-mail offers.

How We Secure and Protect Information Submitted by You

Personal information that you submit to us that includes your social security number and other identity information will be behind our secured firewalls. In order to submit your information, you must use Secured Socket Layer (SSL) enabled browsers. This ensures that the information you submit through our secured firewalls will be protected from unauthorized use.

In addition, we maintain safeguards to keep information confidential and secure. These include:

  • We protect our systems and networks from the Internet with Firewall systems which can be thought of as selective barriers that only permit specific types of traffic through our systems.
  • We employ Intrusion Detection software and monitor for unauthorized access.
  • We use encryption technology to protect certain sensitive information that is transmitted over the Internet.

How We Share Information

In order for and its subsidiary sites to service your requests, process your qualification request forms, and conduct business from day-to-day, we must share submitted online information with lending partners. These lenders partners may include credit reporting agencies for approving loan requests, lenders who will underwrite your loan and service your loan requests, and other companies that allow us to service your needs. At no time will these companies use your data for purposes other than the required processes to conduct business.

At times, we may aggregate data that has been collected online for statistical modeling purposes. Customer data may be shared with modeling companies that help us analyze and profile the data. At no time are these companies authorized to use customer data for purposes other than performing the work that we hired them to do.

At times, we may aggregate contact data for purposes of sending you information on additional product and service offerings that may be of interest to you. Customer data may be shared with mail companies and other direct marketing companies for the purpose of preparing mail forms and other contact media. At no time are these companies authorized to use customer data for purposes other than performing the work that we hired them to do.

How We Link to Third-Party Web Sites is a content provider that links to third-party web sites. We do not control these third-party sites nor do we control how they collect or use information. We also do not warrant the information supplied by these third-party web sites. It is important that you review the privacy policy of each web site you visit to understand how they collect, use, and disclose information.

You may come across our sites through a marketing relationship with another company. We will try to show clearly our logo or other information that identifies us as the provider of services. Please note that information submitted to us through these marketing programs may be collected and shared with our marketing partner.

Sometimes we may provide third-party links that allow us to collect a fee for certain actions completed by you. These fees allow us to cover the costs of providing online services. At no time will we engage in web site fee exchanges for purposes of sharing customer date without the express notification and permission from you.


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