Getting Started


  1. download our BLOC shopping sheet
    it defines the specs need when shopping your home equity line of credit plus allow comparisons among lenders

    download our BLOC shopping sheet

  2. apply for your persona Banker Line of Credit
    link to our consumer lending center to shop your BLOC amoung multiple lenders

    link to our center

  3. develop a college budget for the upcoming year
    student and parent should work together on developing a budget for tuition, room and board, supplies, entertainment, transportation, and other related costs

    download college budgeting worksheet

  4. view college funding options
    view the two options on how to use your BLOC to fund college

    option 1: use the BLOC to fund everything

    option 2: have the student share in paying for college expenses

  5. print our 10-step success plan as a reference
    our 10-step success plan offers tips on how to successfully use your BLOC for maximum benefit

    print our 10-step success plan


becoming a banker

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